September 2017: Karen Morrison and Chris Fujioka – Outreach Services

Karen and Chris from CA Tutoring Academy generously volunteered their time and materials this summer to provide weekly themed activities that explored science, outer space, music and drama for youth participants in the Jakes Way area. With their help, along with Jakes Way Neighborhood Committee members, the City was able to provide these youth a memorable and educational summer.  Thank you for making a difference!

June 2017: Loyalty Club Awardees 2016

Forty-four volunteers truly made a difference in Santa Clarita by contributing 100 or more volunteer hours to City programs in 2016.  These Loyalty Club awardees are: Jessica Babos, Bailey Brann, Jino Chough, Dan Chukwuegbo, Jason d’Autremont, Marcus Dawson, Alan Dey, Shayna Divita, Mitzi Esquivel, Maryo Felfel, Janette Garcia, Rosalyn Glenn, Larry Hernandez, Orlando Hernandez, Steve Ioerger, CJ Jones, Rebecca Judd, Nathan Katz, Austin Lauffer, Max Lee, Brenda Lopez, Ron Leibsker, Mike Mackey, Ann Makar, Mimi Mason, Javier Mata, Jr., Justin McWilson, Dikran Melkonian, Joe Miele, Laura Praskin, Chad Phillips, Lawrence Phillips, Stephen Phillips, Melissa Relis, Michael Rimkunas, Michael Schena, Delia Smith, Lynn Turner, Emma Urosevic, Hailey Veloz, Kim Wilson, MacKenzie Wrage, Matthew Yahata, and Dan Young. Thank you for all that you do!